With Salt Lake City still booming, towns throughout the surrounding county are all doing well, too. People from elsewhere in the country appreciate the impressive mix of economic opportunity and low costs of living to be found in the area, and it is likely that the natural beauty that is so abundant does not hurt, either. Whether intent on settling in alongside the Wasatch Range or looking to live in one of the many pleasant smaller towns that dot the rest of Salt Lake County, new arrivals have lots to look forward to.

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New Townhomes in Herriman Utah, for example, have attracted plenty of interest in recent months. Herriman itself is a quiet, slow-paced town of around 25,000 in the southern part of the county, making for a great place, in the eyes of many, to raise a family or to retire after a long career. Just as with elsewhere in Salt Lake County, land prices remain low enough in Herriman that developers are able to spread their wings while still delivering great value to buyers, another reason for the great popularity of new townhomes in herriman.

Even while doing so, many developers also target several different market segments. Typically, this means putting up a pair or more of developments at once, each aiming at a particular kind and income range of buyer. The new townhomes by Wright Homes in Herriman, for example, embody this strategy in a straightforward way.

At the Yosemite Park development, buyers can join for as little as $170k, while enjoying a whole lot in the way of living space and outright luxury as a result. Herriman’s Anthem Park Boulevard is as pleasant of a residential area to be found anywhere in the southern part of Salt Lake County, and the Yosemite Park development builds on this basic quality in a satisfying way. By putting residents in close proximity to the greenbelt it is named after, Yosemite Park makes for an even more appealing place to live in an area with already high standards.

Those with larger budgets who find themselves looking into new town homes in Herriman Utah are very much catered to, as well. The same developer’s Rushmore Park projects includes a number of homes of especially impressive size and stature, with the basic townhome approach being in evidence throughout. Becoming part of Rushmore Park requires only around $40,000 more than at nearby Yosemite, and the payoff can be impressive. With so much to offer to newcomers, it is not surprising that H2erriman has become such a popular destination.

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